Designer Development Framework


Understanding what the next step in our design careers looks like can be tricky, and often opaque. To help designers at Qwilr mould a future shape in their role, I’ve written how key skills change with experience, and how designers (at every level) can aim for a higher standard in their work, and how we can all be made up of very different skill constellations.

Design - Reshaping Clay


We settled on 8 broad competencies (that looks like one of those Top 8 lists): User Research, Usability Evaluation, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Writing, Prototyping and Leadership.

A Growth Plan for Designers is a collection of public and open source career frameworks and templates brought to you by Progression.


It’s very rare to find designers who can do absolutely everything, and this process helped us focus on what was actually necessary versus what we were willing to compromise on.

How we built the Figma Design team


Clearleft has been working on a professional development framework to share with the UX Design community. Here’s how, and why, we’ve arrived at something we hope is potentially valuable to your design team.

A Professional Development Framework for Design

Professional Development Framework (v1.1)

CLPD | Skills & Proficiencies (v1.1)


A collaborative spreadsheet is an efficient tool for evaluating skills of UX team members and creating an overall team shape.

Skill Mapping: A Digital Template for Remote Teams