Brody MacLean

G'day, I’m Brody MacLeanBrody MacLean,
a multi-disciplinary product designer based in Sydney, AustraliaSydney, Australia.

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Remote: No Office Required

In thirty years’ time people are going to look back and wonder why offices ever existed.
13 Apr 2020

October 2019 stats

The end of the year has snuck up on me, so it's time to measure and focus on my goals.
01 Nov 2019

Uber Design: 77 Things

A design-forward, aesthetic exploration of some core principles of design.
05 Aug 2019

Meeting Warm Up Games

Heading to a meeting, I've started running short games to help break the ice and get the creative juices flowing.
05 Apr 2019

Full Stack Anxiety

I’m a designer, so I should probably learn responsive patterns, methods for remote user testing, Sketch, motion graphics, Framer, keep up to date with current design trends, and a million other things.
14 Oct 2018

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