00 ā€” Intro

Hey, nice to meet you. šŸ‘‹ My name is Brody MacLean ā€” a lead product designer building useful tools for recruiters at JobAdder.

01 ā€” Journal

Meeting Warm Up Games

Heading to a meeting, I've started running short games to help break the ice and get the creative juices flowing.

Full Stack Anxiety

Iā€™m a designer, so I should probably learn responsive patterns, methods for remote user testing, Sketch, motion graphics, Framer, keep up to date with current design trends, and a million other things.

Learning How To Learn

Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects.

Procrastination: It's pretty much all in the mind

To procrastinate or not: the answer may be down to differences in how our brains are wired, a study suggests.

Read The Warning Signs

You can tell a lot about your initial experience with a company.

02 ā€” Work


Case Study

Vivid Sydney 2018

Case Study


Design Challenge