Venom — Jobadder's Design System

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JobAdder is a global recruitment platform built for staffing agency and in-house corporate recruiters. Used by over 10,000 people every day, we empower recruiters all over the world to recruit smarter and simpler.



JobAdder had grown over the years but felt like an app from the ’90s with tiny tap targets, a cluttered inconsistent user interface, color being used in a variety of ways & many areas of improvement when it comes to accessibility best practices.

My role

I took an inventory of the existing application to break down the priorities & find any quick impactful wins.

From there I talked with users to highlight pain-points that could be addressed with the redesign. Some of those included:

  • Jumping back and forth from edit to saved states
    • I addressed this by having inline editing, from the tables through to the information-dense detail sheets
  • The need to bounce between multiple candidate, job & contact detail screens, previously solved by opening multiple tabs
    • I solved for this by moving to a more light-weight “sheet” that slid in from the right & being displaying recently viewed detail sheets in the left-hand navigation’s search pane

After multiple UI design explorations, I started defining patterns, documenting, building out the Sketch component library and working with the developers to componentize the design & logic.

Base design elements


Main table view before and after


Candidate details before & after