Trello stickers

17 Jul 2016

Stickers are a fun, visual indicators & are a way to give feedback on Trello cards.

Trello Gold & Business Class gives you the ability to upload custom stickers and here are 2 sticker sets for you and your team to use.

Wait, how do I install stickers?

Emoji Sticker Set

Download the entire set.

Product Sticker Set

Download the entire set.


Step 0: Sign up to Trello Gold or Business Class.
Step 1: Download the Emoji or Product sticker sets & unzip the .zip file.
Step 2: Go to & open a board, any board.
Step 3: If Menu isn’t currently open, click “Show Menu”.
Step 4: Click “Stickers”.
Step 5: Scroll to the bottom and click the big + button.
Step 6: Locate the folder of stickers, select all & hit open.
Step 7: Sticker Party!!!

Emoji provided free by EmojiOne