Meeting warm up games

05 Apr 2019

Meeting with drawing ice breaker on screen

Recently, I’ve been running a game of Pictionary, before our designer catch-up meetings, to break the ice and get the creative juices flowing.

You only need a few things to run one yourself, with both local and remote team members alike.


Nice to have

  • iPad with Apple Pencil & corresponding Whiteboard app


  1. Pick team members of 2 at random.
  2. Share & display the whiteboard using the screen sharing/meeting app.
  3. Get team member ready, with canvas centered.
  4. Hit Generate on the whiteboard generator & privately show drawer the word/phrase.
  5. Start the 1-minute timer.
  6. Record the time remaining, when guesser correctly guesses. This is their score.
  7. Repeat for each team of 2.
  8. Highest score wins. 🏆

Enjoy! 👍

Warm-up Sketch 1 Warm-up Sketch 2