A month off alcohol

01 May 2017

People clinking classes of beer

Make mine a virgin. 🍹

Like most Aussie’s, I have a love/hate relationship with booze. At times it’s a fun social lubricant, but all too often that can lead to hazy memories of the night, feeling lethargic the following day. So I’ve decided to take the month of May off alcohol.

I can already hear the jeers from friends, but having abstained for 4 week blocks in the past, I know there are plenty benefits to taking a break from the hard stuff.

What are the benefits of being a teetotaller for a month?

Improved Sleep

Even at the best of times, I’m a horrible sleeper, but having a couple under the belt can block REM sleep, interrupt your circadian rhythm & aggravate breathing problems (aka snoring 😴).

Morning workouts are no longer a struggle

Who doesn’t love the great all-day feeling gained after getting a work out or run done the morning? But even after 1 or 2 the night before, getting out of bed, especially in Winter, is that much harder.

Laziness subsides

Similar to the previous point, having a fresh start to the day is such a productivity multiplier and I’m much more able to fight the procrastination monster, forever sitting on my shoulder.

Eating habits improve

After a night out with the boys, a garlic laden greasy kebab or cheeseburger meal seems like best idea on the walk home but obviously with a clearer head I’d not being lining up at the golden arches with the other messy brood of people.

Save money

Fact: Drinking in Sydney is expensive. (You know its true, because i started by saying “Fact”!) Whether drinking out with friends or having a couple at home, the affect on your sky rocket is quite considerable in comparison to a couple of diet cokes or waters.

Lose the beer gut

Alcohol slows your metabolism, as the body breaks down alcohol before the fats and sugars. A pint of beer has around the same amount of calories as a slice of pizza. Between not consuming the empty calories of alcohol, being more active & avoiding the midnight Maccas run, losing a little weight will be an easy win.

There are plenty more benefits, but when you compare the pros with the cons, it becomes glaringly obvious that putting down the bottle for a month is a no brainer.

Cheers. 🍻