Goals for the 40th time around the sun

19 Oct 2023

Today is my 39th birthday & I wanted to start the last year of my 30s with a set of goals to guide me in the next year.

What better accountability buddy than the entire internet?

Professional goals

52 journal posts

Writing has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t made it a habit. Giving myself a weekly goal will force me to flex and improve my writing muscle.

Read 30 books

From fiction to nonfiction, paperback, Kindle or audiobook — 30 isn’t an enormous number, but gives me an achievable measurable goal.

12 networking events

I’ve really enjoyed getting back to meetups & connecting with the design community so adding this to encourage me to get to meetups and reach out for coffee chats.

Health goals

365 meditations in the year

I’m fairly consistent with getting a daily 10-minute meditation in during the weekdays but want to get weekend sits in too.

Fast until midday 6 days/week

Time-restricted feeding has a range of benefits from promoting blood sugar control, reducing inflammation, to increasing growth hormone secretion. I’ve reserved 1 day to go to brunch with my wife and friends.

No phone for 6 hours on the weekend

After reading books like The Shallows**,** Stolen Focus & Digital Minimalism, I wanted to put an intentional phone break in place to fight the itch to check my phone.

Lose 12kg

1kg a month should be more than achievable but the main thing will be consistency & avoiding the dreaded Christmas season blow out. 🎅

Fitness goals

Running goals

500km run in the year — I’ve enjoyed getting back into running & 500km ends up being only one 10km run a week.

Run 5km in 22.5 minutes — I ran my last (and first) Parkrun recently in 24:13, which I felt was good but I feel I could shave that down to 4.5 min/km.

Run 10km in 50 minutes — The last time I did a sub-50 minute 10km was in 2018. Hopefully, I can turn back time and get back meet the same time.

Strength goals

150 workouts — I’m looking to get back into a regular workout routine. 3 sessions a week paired with a run or 2 should be the right amount of exercise for the week.

10 pull-ups — I’ve always struggled with pull-ups. Combining consistent training, dropping some weight & intentional focus on pull-ups should help me get to 10 reps. 🤞