2021 Redesign: Work in progress

31 Mar 2021

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. — Reid Hoffman

I pushed the WIP version of Brody.com v10 last Friday with the focus on having the basics migrated across and built out plus the slight pressure of building in public to urge me to progress things along.

Below are the outstanding tasks I’ll be chipping away at over the next month or 2.

To do list

Library (last 3 months)P1
Open graph details & imagesP1
Font weight utility classesP2
Pinned noteP2
Improve lazy load imagesP2
Load more buttonP2
Skip to main contentP2
Command menuP2
Image click to zoomP3
Now playing widgetP3
Now pageP3
Uses pageP3
Draw featureP4
Setup Plausible AnalyticsP4
Featured work pageP4
Case studies x ~3P4