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2021 Redesign: Work in Progress

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late.
— Reid Hoffman

I pushed the WIP version of v10 last Friday with the focus on having the basics migrated across and built out plus the slight pressure of building in public to urge me to progress things along.

Below are the outstanding tasks I'll be chipping away at over the next month or 2.*

2021 Redesign: Objectives

Another year, another redesign of to give me the chance to iterate upon the design, improve my front-end skillz and try out a shiny new tool or two.

I thought I'd jot down the objectives & principles for the 2021 redesign to use as the guiding stars when designing and developing.

My space of the internet

My aim is to create a space to post videos, quotes, links, images and also longer blog posts, which I never seem to get around to finishing 😬. I'm thinking something like a Tumblog, tagged to filter down by type & topic.

Alongside the posts, I'd like to create a timeline library of the TV shows, movies, courses, books & video games I complete with a basic rating system similarly filterable by type to see just the latest movies I've watched, for example. Currently, I use the Letterboxd API for this exact thing on my about page but with the mixed content, I think it might be cleaner to do that manually for this section.

Ease to post

The friction of jumping onto my laptop, launching iTerm, changing directory, opening the directory in VS Code, firing up Gridsome, creating a new file, futzing with the front matter, previewing, pushing code to Github — you get the gist. It's a whole effort to post and now that I want to post more short-form content, the current workflow to post is too cumbersome.

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